Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Submission

I feel terribly out of place. I am starting to begin jotting down the adventures of my experiences in college late in the semester. It's a week and a half into the second semester of my freshman year. Oh well, we all must start somewhere. Today, think i just want to put down what has happened in the first two weeks of my second semester, before I back track a little and let's just say, have a prequel before i even get into my new life here at state. If I ever decide to make this public, I will just leave it at that, State, but some of you may know what I mean and that's ok too.
"Sigh," where to start? I'll start with today. I have been experiencing deja vu ever since high school class became almost entirely made up of AP coures. Let me explain: for those of you who know, some time in a student's career, subjects will begin interconnecting, and the lines between one class and another become blurred. I rememeber the first time I came to this conclusion. I was learning about the allusion the "magic bullet" in my AP English/APUSH class, when that same day my honors physics class was discussing the mystery behind Kenndey's shot to the head, which could be explained using phyics.
Anyway, on this particular day, January 18th to be exact, I was sitting in my Physics 205 class listing to a lecture on vectors, and noticed practically everything in that class I had written down in my Caculus 3 class just last week. I know, I know, calculus was designed to explain certain topics that physicists could not, but it still was both revolutionary and annoying. I mean, at least now I have twice the chance of remembering it; like the study of memory defines it in pyschology, it is "saving" information, or relearning something.
I know one thing is sure, I am glad I am taking the two classes together, because I have never seen Physics like this, and Calculus 3 is a little more like Calculus 1, than 2 (which I took last semester, but we'll get to that), and I cannot ordain anything from that class since I received credit for that course using my AP exam scores.
There's nothing to say much about my economics class, but for the continues story telling he uses to free the mind and imagination, which is helping me engage in the class where once I almost fell asleep because the classroom atmosphere reminded me of my Psychology class last semester. Besides that, I finally went to the free yoga class. It started yesterday, and I am sore as ever, but at least I am mollified of some stress. It doesn't help that it is freezing outside, which makes my limbs as stiff and numb as a cadaver's. I did have a myriad of free time today, though, and have wasted too much of it sifting through my music.
 It's Elliot's fault really (he knows seems to know everyone). He introduced me to the Axes of Awesome, a band who did a spoof on how many of the top musical hits all have the same four consecutive cords in them. It reminded me of a video I had actually seen, after looking up Pachelbel's Canon when reading about it being played by a character in Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" to provide some ambiance (that was during my post-graduation weekend with my sister alone). Sorry, got off track, so I was saying, I introduced this other video to Elliot, and decided to create a playlist for him using a clever method of creating the perfect gift that never has failed me yet and involves a combination of facebook stalking and research. I looked up what he posted as his favorite artists on facebook, and searched them on lastfm to find similar artists and look through my own music to see if I had any. This also spurred on a reminder that I need to finish my birthday present for my friend,Stevie, who I have lost contact from ever since last October when I got severely sick (once again, another story for another time). And now here I am, at ten o'clock and I have not touched a single assignment on the ugly online sites we must use to access our homework; luckily I have been ahead of the game and nothing is due tonight. However, this is probably the last week I can truly slack off, because next week labs begin, and then the fun of NO FREE time COMMENCES!
I might not get to do this another time, so instead of wasting my minutes and mind on hulu, I am going to put down as much as I can from last semester, and the last week and a half. I can't believe I but down this much for just one day! I had more to say to myself than I initially thought, but I know I need to get this down as soon as humanly possible, before my academic life picks up, and before my wretched brain starts deleting details, like the lyrics "I'm more than a bird. I'm more than a plane. I'm a Birdplane!" ~ Axes of Awesome, and "Thank goodness it wasn't syrup!" ~ me to Jaclyn discussing spilt water. I have developed a brain that has amnesia on life memories and keeps academic ones stored, so this is a necessity that I think I should have started at the beginning of last semester, and tried, so that I had a log of my college experiences. Unfortunately, I won't have specifically humorous quotes of inside jokes, but as I go, things may come back (ie. Spaghetti,Squirrels, Snack on Snacks, Darious, Marshmallows, Earthquakes, Four in the Back Seat, and Fabio to name a few). But like I said before, I gotta start somewhere, and halfway through my first year of college isn't too bad in retrospect. Besides, I have some information from a letter I sent to a friend and facebook helps. That's a good place to start.