Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's been a While

I haven't written in this blog in two years. I created this blog as a way to write down my adventures and experiences in college, but I soon realized that my major takes up so much of my time, that I never thought of this blog since.
Then, I began the process of filling out paperwork to study abroad, and many people repeated the same single suggestion: Start a Blog. But I already had a blog. This one. It was barely used, so here we are on the day before I fly out across the Pacific Ocean.
We start out on the East coast, the day after an extremely unusual snowfall, only to be plucked up from the middle of winter, and dropped into the entirely opposite weather conditions. This year Australia's temperatures have went up to as high as 40 degrees Celsius and over (that's a high of 114 to those of you who still rely on English units)!

I am going to have to cut short. Life just happened: You know how sometimes everything goes so smoothly that you feel like its too perfect to be true? Well.....right about now that smooth streak as been roughed up quite well. We had a recent spill of a sticky beverage in the living room during the excitement of a winning hockey game. And now, there has been a second whammy for the carpet, but even worse, this time it landed on something much more important. My brand new Yoga Fit Lenovo laptop was just coated with sticky Sangria! I hope nothing is ruined. It was not a heavy spill, and it looks like the only damage may be some sticky keys, literally. Fingers crossed that there's no software damage.

And rolling with the punches begins.