Monday, July 7, 2014

Entry 3: New Zealand

19 April 2014

"On the way to the hostel in Fox Glacier, we were informed that there was no power in the town. So much for Good Friday celebrations! Or so we thought....We had lights and hot water because there was a generator, but they were shutting it off at 10 pm until 7:30 am the next day. Incidentally, we were leaving at 7:30 am, which meant scavenging for our stuff with our uncharged iPhones and iTouches the next morning. Adventure after adventure...In my experience, adventures always involve rain.

Since it was Good Friday on top of the lack of power for the next 5 days, hardly any restaurants were open, and the public kitchens at the hostel were asked to be used sparingly to conserve fuel. My dinner ended up being left over "chips" (fries) from lunch, which were cold and soft, and a small box of cherry tomatoes. I also purchased nuts, 4 apples, and some crackers for later, for emergencies, and for breakfast.

Later we heard there was a grocery shop down the road that was still selling alcohol. The partying was back on! I shared a bottle of Chardonny (it was the cheapest bottle at $ NZ 11.50) and some OJ to mix with it because we didn't expect it to be very good without something sweet to mix with it. Yesterday marked the first official time I participated in a drinking game. I had once before partaken in drinking games, but I substituted alcohol with water. I didn't want to subject myself to under aged drinking no matter how popular a past time that is with my age group. We played Kings with a German deck of cards Flo brought with him. It didn't include numbers 2 through 5, and U was the equivalent of a Jack, and O was the equivalent of a Queen. I had never seen cards like those before, and I regret forgetting to put my deck of cards on my list of items to pack. It's normally second nature for me to add them to my backpack when I travel. We also played a game called "Asaloogi (I think that's how you would spell it), but this game was where everyone had to go through numbers up to however many we decided to go through at the beginning, but every time we got all the way through a round, a number would have a rule added to it. For example, two numbers may have been swapped so when a person got to 3, they had to say 7, and when they got to 7 they said three, or a number was now a noise, and the rules go on!

My favorite moment was probably when I drew an Ace from the deck, which meant the person to the left of me chose two people while I closed my eyes. When I opened them, I had to make them do something together without the knowledge of who the two people were. Since, the majority of us where American, I took a chance and requested that person A and B stand up and sing the Star Spangled Banner! We got it on video! It was Ally and Taylor who later had to do something together again, which was kiss Lefty, our bus driver, on the check without him knowing what they were about to do.

This actually happened after lights out. It didn't stop people from continuing the games. Some others even joined in or watched. A girl (I later learned her name is Lauren) started to rub my hair (which at the time was still fuzzy short from my shave). I once again became subject to heavy petting, though few of them knew the story behind why my hair was that short. They complimented me on how soft my hair was.

I went to bed 20 past 10, blindly making my way back to the bedroom I shared with 5 other girls. Before I left, I finished my drink after being subject to someone else picking an Ace from the deck. I got chosen as subject A, with Millie as subject B. We had to mix our drinks and both down half. It wasn't as gross as I thought it would be, but the concoction was a mixture of beer and my Chardonny plus OJ. They cheered me on. I don't know if I enjoyed being subjected to that sort of behavior or not. I had mixed feelings. It's nice to bet the center of attention sometimes, but not for those reasons. I didn't have that much in the glass to drink or else I would have refused and walked away entirely. I can proudly stay that I still have not experienced a hangover! My streak has continued!"

The last part said,"Sorry for the bad writing. I am not adept at 'bus-writing.'"

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