Thursday, May 15, 2014

Entry 1: New Zealand

Not much has been going on in the past two weeks that is of significant consequence, since I have been staved of much social interaction of any kind besides that of dinner and study groups. I will comment that tomorrow will be a nice change of pace for at least a one day reprieve. I will be going on a Heritage Walk as one of the field trips offered in my Contemporary Australia class.

Also, I want to thank you for everyone who has sent me letters in the past two weeks. They have made me smile during my breaks throughout my stressed and wired life of studies.

Instead of talking about what is currently going on, I promised to start typing up my written journal for the week I was in New Zealand. The entries get less and less grammatically correct and descriptive as the trip progressed because I had very little time between events and bus rides (which was when I did have time) made it tough to write because the were bumpy. Anyway the following is entry 1:

17 April 2014

"As I looked through the haze, my first impression of New Zealand, from the air, was that it's a very hilly island. Not only is it hilly, though, but they're pointy, barren, grassy hills surrounded by slopping cliffs that fall straight into the ocean. I could see the tip of part of this grand island as if it was the end of the Earth!

My second impression of Auckland on this particularly spectacular day was how it wasn't rainy or miserable as I had expected from the weather forecast. Needless to say, I was only looking at the forecast for Christchurch on the South Island, not Auckland on the North Island where I am at this time. I actually started to sweat through my jacket and scarf when I trekked the 10 minute pathway from the International to the Domestic Terminals. I could have taken the free bus (which comes every 15 minutes), yet I had been cooped up in that corner of temporary property that was my seat for over 3 hours! I needed some fresh air, and it was pleasant to walk while listening to "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marely as I followed the equivalent of the yellow brick road. In this case it was a green painted line on the pavement, but it wouldn't damper my jolly mood of this country being my version of a land out of the fantasy novel I love to read.

The woman sitting next to me on the 3 hour plane ride, Jenny, was a Tazzie visiting her partner who lives here in New Zealand. She and her partner do the long distance relationship thing. That must be tough. I know I wouldn't have the patience to manage it. It's hard enough to keep up with my family while I am here, let alone consider having a boyfriend. That's why I made the decision to just relax, lay back and enjoy the ride. I don't want to break some poor bloaks heart with empty promises to keep in touch when I return to the States.

I have definitely found my voice when it comes to having more friends with guys since I have come to Australia. That was a weakness I am glad to be rid of .

On that note, I need to spend some of my lay over time doing some reading for my exam."

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! My first entry. I will get the next one in as soon as I can.

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