Thursday, February 27, 2014


So yesterday (Feb 17) was the start of Monash Abroad Orientation. We started at 8:30 and ended at 3. It was a long day of lectures. I guess I should start getting used that again. Eventually classes start, and my free time will slowly lessen until it disappears all together just like any other college year.

We were invited to evening events last night. Never again will i go clubbing like I did yesterday. It's not like I drank a lot; I only had one hard cider. The reason for my negative outlook is it's a waste of money and in the end my feet hurt, my throat was sore from yelling over the music as well as from the people around in the area who started smoking, my ears rang, and I felt more alone in that crowd of people (not all alone, though, I did enjoy hanging out with my new friends) than in my hanging out in my single bedroom. I ended up spending $30 plus the cost of using the train to get there: I spent $10 on two hard ciders when I meant to order one (it was so loud the bar tender didn't get my order right), $6 to get into the club Cheers, and $10 of a $60 split cab fair back to campus.

I had some fun, yes, but all in all, I prefer exploring shops and buildings or chatting in a group over dinner and a drink than going to a place like Cheers. And I did enjoy going to the first location because it was more of a social bar than a club where talking is impossible over the music, plus it was a rooftop bar, so there was a roofless area where you could enjoy the skyline overhead.

Some interesting notes on that night: One Girl in the club thought I was from Argentina! And the chivalrous Eddie from Canada walked me back to Richardson when I wasn't sure how to get from the Hall the other residences lived in to mine.

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