Monday, February 17, 2014

The Great Ocean Drive

February 17th:

I have almost caught up. I skipped some of my  holiday trip, but I think the now is a little more important. Today was the last day that my Dad was going to have in Australia, so I took off socializing and making new friends to spend one last day trip with him. As much as I love him, I was glad for the day of reprieve to collect myself on Sunday, because I have a hard time traveling with him for long periods of time. We just don't always see eye to eye, especially when it comes to how structured scheduling (know what time things start, what time it is, and how long it takes to go somewhere), mapping, and planning is. I would much rather have an unstructured day of leisurely walking  and stop to smell the roses than one where all I feel like were are doing is running from place to place just so we can squeeze everything in. In the end, though, I understand the importance of time and why he does/did what he does/did. 

I had a great last day. There were no complaints; I posed for all his pictures. I wanted this day to be a good last day since I wouldn't be seeing him for quite some time. Thanks Dad! There were many ups and downs, but in the end we got to see and do everything on your list!

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