Thursday, February 27, 2014

White Night

Saturday (Feb 22) was White Night, but first I was going to the mall, Chadstone, fondly known as Chatty by the locals. I had to return my cheap, broken Kmart clock, which I was planning to set for Eastern time so I always knew what time it was back home. I met Yvonne, from New Mexico on this trip. She had just moved in and needed a few things. I discovered she is an Airforce brat, who flew from Japan because that's where her family is based at the moment. She is well traveled, and loves crazy socks. I knew we would become friends. Her, and Talli, Corinne, Marni and quite a few others also have are huge fans of Marvel, DC Comics and any other geeky fan based movies and books you can think of. I will never feel alone in the world of geek culture as a woman again. I know I have never been alone, but not many of my friends back home share my enthusiasm, and some of them are even crazier than me about certain cult following (and I mean that in a good way).

I have had conversations on Fringe, Game of Thrones (which I am practically being forced to catch up on since I had only seen the first episode), Thor, Spiderman, Sherlock (BBC), Dr. Who (which I don't personally follow but I am told I will), John Green vlogs, comic books (I am now borrowing Corinne's first Fringe comic), Almost Human, etc. The list is endless.

The first time I really bonded with Talli, who probably tops any of us on her fan Fiction collection, youtube video knowledge, etc (she is appropriately studying Literature) it was over remixes, dubstep, and mash up music. She has such an odd back story of a small town girl with parents who work on a pig farm (but they have moved jobs frequently in the farming business), so fiction became her escape from the confines of the town. Strangely enough her mother was born in France and raised in England. Anyway, I don't want to pray tell everything, because this is such a public blog, and I don't feel I should divulge too much without her permission. Let's just say, she and I have probably gotten to know each other the most out of everyone else I have spent time with thus far.

During shopping, I finally got a clock I was happy about. I didn't want a digital alarm clock, but I didn't want it not to be digital because I admit I don't read analog clocks that quickly. Then, Talli showed me to this retro shop called Typo, and they had one of those old closes that flips when it changes time. I will be bringing that one back with me!

That night we went to White Night. It was a dud for some and a blast for others, but everyone can agree that it was packed, not crowded, packed. I couldn't make a step in any direction with about rubbing shoulders with a stranger. Our group had to make a chain to stick together. And for us it was a dud. I feel if we had went in pairs of two or three it would have been more fun and longer lasting. If it weren't for heading back early karma wouldn't have bitten back either. The fire alarm went off at one in the morning, when most people were just drifting off. I got a few photos, but we walked a few feet down Swanston Street, headed towards one of the music events, gave up, and went back into Flinder's Station, and that was the end of White Night for me. Sad, huh. Don't feel too bad for me. Many other events are to come, and I am still high of spirits!

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