Saturday, February 15, 2014

Traveling to Kangaroo Island

February 7th:

My dad rented a car to drive from the CBD in Adelaide to Kangaroo Island. If anyone doesn't remember, Australians drive on the left side of the road just like in the UK. I became the designated navigator. Getting out of the city was hell, yet once we got out to the country the road had entertaining scenery, and there was practically no one one the road on a Friday afternoon. It was much like driving on the coast of California: huge rolling hills directly on one side and a ledge down to the sea on the other. We took our time, stopping for photo opportunities, like olive orchards, and great coastal photos.

On the top of the hill towards the ferry, there were windmills on the hills. It was a wonderful sight. Then, when we got onto the ferry, which had an different rule that only the driver is allowed to be in the car when it drives on to the boat. I had to walk on separately. The inside of it was much like being in an aircraft without the cramped spaces and seat belts.

The first thing we got to do one the way to Kingscote, where we were staying, which is about an hour drive from where the ferry docks, was climb Prospect Hill. There were 59 stone stoeps plus another 453 steps wooden steps to the top. I counted.

On arrival in Kingscote, it felt like the post Apocalypse! It was very remote. There was no wifi, very few cars on the road, no air conditioning, and one grocery store. We had to hang our laundry to dry with a clothing line. Plus we had to hunt for an open restaurant the day we arrived, because most restaurants closed at 7 pm and most stores closed by six, including the information center. I felt so isolated, yet for the time being I was content.

Because my Dad didn't have his games on his iPad or iPhone to keep him occupied after his work was done for the day, hen ended up finding himself with enough time to help me do the dishes and Laundry. And, Dad if you are reading this, you know very well that you was dishes with soap, soap and water, not just water.

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