Thursday, February 27, 2014

Scavenger Hunt

Sunday (Feb 23) was much more exciting than the White Night, though it was exhausting, especially when the night before it was difficult to go back to sleep after being woken up by the fire alarm.

We were going present our flashmob dance to a crowd of unsuspecting strangers in Federation Square! Plus, we split up into groups with a list of tasks we had to do and document doing. We ran out of time and didn't complete them all, but by the end everyone was too exhausted to complain about anything more than sore feet. Everyone was so exhausted, the stairway battles were even cancelled that night.

I don't have the pamphlet with all of the tasks, but I will list off as many as I can recall, especially the ones I participated in. Also, I haven't seen any of the photos or footage, yet, but I think they are in the process of editing it first. This is the list that I can remember off the top of my head: (if I don't list that we didn't do it, we did it)

Propose to a stranger, arm wrestle with a stranger, eat Crazy Wings (they are the hottest wings on the planet; grown men cried eating these), eat hamburger whole (bonus points for paying for it in 5 cent coins), hero pose with statues in the city, jump up so everyone's feet off the ground in front of Parliment, make fish face with fish in aquarium and get bonus points for getting strangers to do it too (didn't get to do this one), recreate a famous sports action in front of arena, catch the other groups off guard and Moose them so they have to lay down on the ground and call out like moose, find a misspelled word in the city, find a comic book shop, find a book written by Richardson's namesake, have someone in the group wear underwear on outside of their pants (Dylan), swap shorts with someone else (points for extreme size difference) (I did this with James; he proudly work my only stretchy, PINK shorts, while I wore a belt to hold up his), count the number of levels in Eureka tower, take photos of all stations on the city loop, sing on train or tram (points for getting strangers to participate), act out a superhero vs. villain scene with unsuspecting strangers, find night rider stop,  do the Hoky Poky in front at Flinder's Station, squish as many people into a phone booth (I sat on Jame's shoulders), poise as mannequins in the window of a shop, act out a natural disaster in public, collect coasters from at least 18 bars (We didn't make it to 18), spell RICHO with your bodies, etc.

In the middle of the scavenger hunt we had to meet up in Federation Square to dance in the flashmob to the song Keep on Moving by 5ive. It is now officially our theme song! Everyone danced the moves out during toga night when they played the song. And every time I hear it now, I want to break out and dance!

Our group got side tracked on our mission to complete it before our free dinner at 6. We all witnessed a it and run. And our very own Captain Underpants, Dylan, stayed behind to call the police and report he license plate number. It wasn't a major accident, but the reaction of the driver whose fault it was was what made us so willing to react negatively towards the situation. He/she bumped into another car, then sped off into the middle of a four way stop through a red light to get away. It wasn't priority, so Dylan never got a hold of personal to come to the scene but it was logged. Everything turned out alright; I just hope some form of justice or karma occurs for the sake of the drivers who got minor dents and scratches to their car.

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