Thursday, February 27, 2014

Queen Victorian Night Market

With the combination of Richardson Hall events, Study Abroad Orientation Events, and Orientation Events, I have had my hands full for the past week and a half.

Wednesday night, on the 19th, we went to the Queen Victorian Night Market. I was supposed to go with the exchange students, but when I found out Richardson was going to, I thought, why not go with them instead. I had been hanging out with many of the exchange students already because the day before was the Monash Abroad Orientation, which was long, boring and a lot of information thrown at us. Ever since the day after my Dad left many days here have been cold and rainy. The skies decided to rain really hard on that day in particular. Richardson Hall canceled the outing to Queen Vic Market.

It turned out alright, though, because another hall was still going so us Richo residence that were willing to risk the skies opening up on us again, went out. I was extremely comfortable getting to and from the Market, since it was right next to the Radisson, which was where my Dad and I stayed before moving me into my room. We ate first. There was a who section of the market that was so smoky and hot because all they were doing was cooking food. I had the most deliciously odd fires of my life. They were made from chick peas. It was delicious. I sat down and saved a seat for Talli for what felt like 20 minutes while she went to take out some cash at an ATM. I felt so bad. I must have turned away 10 couples who asked me if the two seats next to me were vacant. She apologized for the wait. There had been a ridiculously long line for the ATM machine, and while I had gotten her number I had forgotten to text her mine. That got corrected quickly. While I had been waiting, I entertained myself at people watching. The two women next to me were chatting in a French accent, and this very kind old woman who was the one of the Market's janitorial staff received a kind tip from a woman who pretended she found some money on the ground and handed it to her. This old lady gave me the sweetest smile when she saw me see what happened. She looked like a lady who would have wonderful tales to tell.

Talli and I had gotten separated by Saffron from Australia and the two siblings, Allen and Franchesca from Mauritius. We soon ran into them again as we explored each "tent" to marvel at their wears. I was so tempted to purchase one of the cacti from this one shop. They had some that were in mini pots with magnets! They were so cute. I wish we had more time, because we didn't find the vintage clothing section until we only had 10 minutes before we had to meet up with the group to head back. I tried some almond flavored fudge, and because Talli owed me money for her dinner, she bought me my first macaroon. My words cannot describe the delectable delicacy that is a macaroon, especially my raspberry one.

I ended up getting some jewelry. I found a ring with a typewriter key for an "H," and two earrings: keys and toy robots. I am definitely going back!

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