Thursday, March 20, 2014

Be Brave and SHAVE!

I don't know what it is about Australia, but I have definitely gotten bolder since I have been here. I think it's because I realize that I have nothing to lose, especially since I have such a limited span of time to achieve what I want out of my experience abroad.

Last Thursday I voluntarily participated on shaving my head, not to the point of bald, but close enough for me. It's for a program called "The World's Greatest Shave;" they raise money for blood cancer research. Their motto is be brave and shave.

  There are some days I look in the mirror and ask myself, "What have I done?," yet the majority of the time I look in the mirror and feel pride for what I have achieved as a result of that hair cut. I raised money in person as well as online. My guess is it was over my goal of $1000, but I cannot honestly say whether this is correct because the only number I can see is the one that's online. I feel like such a rebel. One of the first observations I had when I came to Monash was the majority of women adorning pixie cuts were over the age of 40. I think I have only met one girl in the halls with a short hair cut, and another randomly in my class (and she realized she was in the wrong classroom soon after we began conversing). I am definitely the only woman on campus with an almost rocker hair style! I almost feel as though I should chuck my old wardrobe out the door, and start from scratch. Yesterday, I bought the cheapest leather jacket from a woman whose company is called "Recycle Queen" at the Monash Market. It was a good investment. Now all I need is some heavy black eye makeup. I am kidding.....or am I?

To my parents, I promise I won't come back Gothic. I am just enjoying teasing with the idea because I feel like a Bohemian now (we have been discussing Australian Bohemians in my Australian Idol unit).

So many people approached me since the "deed" was done with varying reactions of surprise and support. I especially enjoyed the comments and reactions of those who were their during my shave. A lot of them expected me to cry, I suppose. All I did was smile embarrassingly, since MRS made a big deal (they called it the grand finale) about it and so many were watching, while jamming out to the music they had playing. I think the worst part was when the razor's batteries died, causing a gap (an intermission so to speak) in the process.

I also liked how some people who'd met me already that weren't at the shave and the 30 second span that it took for them to realize it was me!

Check out the first half of my shave:

If anyone else want to support a great cause, please submit any small amount to the following:

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