Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weekend Plans

Last Friday, I meet with a Professor about taking up some hours each week to do some research on one of his projects. The only reason I knew to meet him in the first place was because of my fluke meeting with the Professor from Penn State at the Wine tour! The lesson here is be prepared to network with people ANYWHERE!

I haven't confirmed my standing yet, since I have also talked with my Professor whose project is more related to what I am interested. He hasn't been very prompt about replying back, though. I will give him the weekend, but come Monday, I will speak to him after class again.

Starting on Wednesday, the hall has been playing a game of assassins. It is pure chaos here! Friends become enemies, acquaintances become allies, and everyone is either hiding out in the shadows of the save zones or clinging to the buddy system. I signed up to play, but that was before I knew I had an exam AND a presentation on Thursday. It's only week 4! Well, I made sure to post that I wouldn't continue to play unless it was determined that the Study Lounge was a save zone, too.

Just a random note, the other night I went to the Nott, and Richardson students like to hang out in the Moose room to do some predrinking. Well, tonight there was some perfect comedic timing! A guy named Krshna, from Canada, was wearing his underwear on the outside of his pants because a new rule for the day was if you were wearing underwear visibly, you were safe from assassination. Well, these particular boxers (that said It's party time) were too large from him, but the elastic held them up. He swore another person could easily fit into them. Well.....someone took him up on the offer to try it out. Jack, a British man with no shame or modesty, got into Krshna's underpants while he was still wearing them. As they were standing there facing each other and began to pretend to get intimate with each other, one of the security guards for the building walks in on us. His face was priceless; all he did was shake his head, as if to ask what has happened to this generation?, and walks back out. Oh, and Jack couldn't help but take this moment to say, "It's pretty easy to get into Krshna's pants!"

The test and presentation went alright. I was glad my group volunteered to be the first to present because it was 2 hours of presentations and seeing that I was getting bored, I assume the Professors were, too. As for the exam, I don't think I have ever taken a Thermodynamics exam where I was able to complete it in the allotted time that they gave us. And I knew how to answer the last question, I just didn't have an opportunity to get to the exact answer, so I did the next best thing and explained stepwise what I was planning to do in order to reach the right answer.

This weekend is going to be quite busy for me. I hope in between all of the events I still have time to get stuff ready and lined up for next week, because I don't think my weeks are going to let up from now on. I plan to go Opt shopping tomorrow morning. That's what they call thrift stores here because opt stands for opportunity. I am looking for pieces of my costume I want to wear for the cosplay festival that is happening in a few weeks! I have never been to a cosplay festival but I have always had the desire to have the experience.

I have never been to a city where in under a few weeks  I have gone downtown to a variety of festivals! I have been there to White Night, Food and Wine Festival, two FREE concerts in one night, and now I am going to the Comedy Festival either tonight or tomorrow night, or both, depending on how I feel I have time for. Then of course there's Supanova, the cosplay fest I mentioned in the paragraph above! I am really getting my taste of every aspect of Australian culture, and I picked the perfect location to do it!

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