Friday, March 28, 2014

Comedy Festival: Marcel Lucont

I got my first taste of blood on my spoon.....I have officially made my first ever kill in the game of Assassins! A sad feat to be proud of you say? I think NOT! I am a terrible liar and manipulator; I could never play poker or BS. Today, I hashed the perfect plan! A group, including my target, were going to the Comedy Festival tonight. I used this information against him (for a while his alias had been Elmo; I didn't make it up, Krshna did). I asked those in the group that were going, which ironically enough I got this information about who was going FROM my target, if they would participate in my plot and inform me where they were meeting and at what time. Then, at the right time, they would back away (the rule was anyone could be killed if there weren't in arms length of anyone else playing the game).

I even used his own joke against him! Phil, by the way is the name of my target. Phil from Cyprus (he was also in the Turkish military), likes that I don't like the nickname Han. And if you don't know Australians, they like names to be as short as possible. If you think it is impossible for them to shorten your name because it is one syllable, they will shorten to one letter just to prove you wrong! So, of course mine would be Han. Anyway, I don't prefer being called this because it can be mistakenly heard as Ham. He ergo wanted to nickname me Hammah! And he said he couldn't wait for me to say, "Stop! Hammah time!" Well guess, what? I "killed" him, which means I found the perfect moment to say, "Na na na na chi chi na na chi chi na na CAN'T TOUCH THIS!" It was the highlight of my day!

Moving on from my public internet gloating....I was reluctant to go, but I agreed to go see Marcel Lucont, the comedian with the group that night. I was not disappointed.

Before we got to the show, though, the most amazing thing happened at the bus station. After as certain hour of the day, there are more security guards around areas like the train station. One of the guards comes up to Paula, one of the members of our group, and asks her "Is that a spoon in your pocket? And if so, WHY do you have a spoon in your pocket?" We ended up having to explain to him that our Hall is playing a game of assassins where in order to "kill" someone you must tap him with a spoon! He had a grand chuckle over this. So did we.

The comedian's character (I won't say the comedian himself, because most comedians put on a facade when they perform to add to the humor; I know for a fact Marcel in particular emphasizes his French accent) is the most indifferent, pompous, self centered Frenchman. He read to us poetry, sang, and told stories about his childhood, and most of it somehow would end up in some sort of sexual reference. He has an espcially special place in his heart for talking about woman's breasts (note the sarcasm in that sentence). I wasn't expecting the room to be so small and easily interactive, but there were probably only 40 people in the room. It was a studio in the "Tuxedo Cat" called the Puffer Fish. Each of the rooms had random animal names. As a result of such an intimate setting, I actually ended up being a participant in his act. When he asked if there were any internationals, our entire row was the only row that raised our hands. And of course he asks, Where from? He ends up with a joke about Brazilian versus Californian waxes, because Paula is from Brazil, and leads on to joke about Phil because what do you expect a Cyprus wax to look like, a tree?

After the show, we walked around for a while, got a pitcher of Sangria and a pitcher of some sort of other Cocktail at an unusual Japanese themed bar, and walked around some more. It was a well worth the night out, full of kicks and giggles.

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