Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Drop Bears and other Rumors

I had to have a post singularly on the topic of drop bears. See, Australians have this lovely myth that they like to tease foreigners, such as myself, with. They like to tell how in order to avoid getting attacked by drop bears you must cover yourself in toothpaste every night before bed, or there is on that is similar but with Vegemite.

There is a whole website on them.

It amuses them to speak these obvious falsehoods as if they are fact. It is a hoax. I promise. Drop bears are just a colloquial term for koalas, and the fear that surrounds some people who have never seen them that they drop from the trees and gouge people's eyes out.

Someone somewhere believes; that is a fact. 

I have also heard some interesting things about how America is believed to think Australian children ride kangaroos to school. And Americans don't see fresh vegetables at their groceries: everything is frozen or canned in "preservatives" isle.

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